Imagine yourself being

healthy and beautiful

FlexiBody helps you to become who you want to be.


Is this future you?

I'm thinking to go back to the gym because the pain in my shoulder has finally gone! 

My posture has been improved, and now I can fit in the clothes I wanted. 

I look young for my age since I started to have facial Seitai treatment. 

I can sleep better now.

My PMS symptoms have been improved.

I feel like wearing skirts because I have no bowed legs anymore!

People ask me if I've changed my cosmetics because my skin looks better than before.

I used to be constipated, but now I have bowel movement everyday!

You will find the massage treatment at FlexiBody is unique. It is combined good of Western (Remedial Massage) and Japanese massage (Seitai) to maximise the outcome of the massage treatment. The treatment does not necessarily aim at the point where you feels pain, but aims at the problematic organs, muscle or joint that causes the pain. Therefore, you will be given a whole body treatment, including stomack area, no matter what symptoms you are presenting with. 


We believe that the body has the ability to fix itself, and the treatment is to help the body to improve the ability. We understand that you may be expecting a relaxing massage and an instant outcome of the treatment. We know it is important too. However, the most important thing is how the treatment brings your body in a better condition effectively and maintain the good condition in a long run.

My motto is...

「Beauty comes from inside」

「Believe your own body」

「Do what you can do to be healthy」

Owner / Therapist

​Minoru Taniguchi

FlexiBody can help you to improve the following symptoms.






Lower back






Chronic shoulder/back pain


Misalignment of the pelvis (esp. after birth)

Bowed legs


PMS / Poor blood circulation


Poor posture

Poor metabolism

Knee/hip joint pain

Why the treatment at FlexiBody stand out?

5 reasons to choose



​You can feel the difference from the day 1!

With vast experience and knowledge accumulated from seeing 2000 clients a year, The treatment is customised to the symptoms you present with.  


Some home exercise, stretching, and nutrition tips will be given to you to accelerate the healing process.。

Homework will be given to keep you fit!


We're not only approaching muscles and bones!

Stomach massage is one of the signature techniques at FlexiBody. It aims to enhance your body condition from the inside.


Tell us whatever!

We create a relaxing and peaceful environment with soothing essential oil. The roo is totally private, so don't hesitate to tell us whatever symptoms or concerns you have.


FlexiBody is in a very handy location in Tokyo.  Just 1 minute from Komazawa Daigaku Station of Tokyu Denentoshi line. 

Only 1 minute from the station!

Select a treatment menu that suits your need!



Full body Japanese remedial massage combined with the technique of conventional western remedial massage focusing on improving your physical performance.


*Administration fee (1000yen) will be charged on your initial consultation.

*Duration of the treatment is about 60 min. including consultation. 

Basic + Face

"Basic + Face" improves the lymph and blood flow to rejuvenate your face by using the technique of cranial adjustment. This course includes "Basic" treatment.


*Administration fee (1000yen) will be charged on your initial consultation.

*Duration of the treatment is about 70 min. including consultation. 

Basic + Pelvic alignment

Pelvis plays a key role in the body. It protects digestive and reproductive organs, and it controls the movement of the body. The treatment focuses on shaping your body to an ideal condition, and it improves your health in general at the same time.


*Administration fee (1000yen) will be charged on your initial consultation.

*Duration of the treatment is about 80 min. including consultation. 

Total Health


"Total Health" is literally has everything you need. This course is perfect for people who are pursuing total beauty and heal from head to toe.  

*Administration fee (1000yen) will be charged on your initial consultation.

*Duration of the treatment is about 90 min. including consultation. 


Great deal by paying in advance!


Regular Price












- ¥900

- ¥3,600

- ¥8,800


Basic + Face










Regular Price


- ¥1,200

- ¥4,200


Basic + Pelvis alignment








Regular Price



- ¥1,500

- ¥6,000



Regular Price

Total Health












Please read 

before your 

initial treatment





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